Welcome to META Center New York, Manhattan’s #1 destination for Consciousness Raising, Cutting Edge Spiritual & Metaphysical Education, Healing and the Creative Arts.


About the META Center

The META Center is an upscale space rental and event facility in New York City focusing on Multidimensional Education, Transformation & the Arts. It offers conference rooms and private consultation rooms for day, evening and weekend rentals plus a full program of events (see Calendar / Special Event pages on this website).

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Room Rental

If you’ve got an event dedicated to the Healing Arts, Personal Growth, Transformation, Creativity or the fostering of Metaphysical Education, the META Center is the Place To Be! Our upscale facility includes Conference Rooms and Private Consultation Rooms.
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META Center Events

If you are looking for New York’s most exciting consciousness raising events, check out our Monthly Calendar or Special Events links or sign up for our mailing list and be a part of the Growing Population of Conscious People.


We have had many requests from those living outside New York to video programs hosted by META Center so that others can share in the wonderful classes and workshops. META Center is excited to offer Pay Per View downloads of classes hosted by META Center. Each month we will be adding to our library of Pay Per View events. You can also find free video and audio downloads.

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Jodi Serota

Jodi Serota is owner and creator of META Center New York. She is a life-changing metaphysical educator, channel, vibrational healer and professional artist. Her in-depth intuitive abilities and her remarkable sound healing powers are used to create initiations and activations which instantly make major shifts in consciousness and healing.

She holds individual sessions, teaches classes and creates multimedia concerts and events for personal growth, transformation and the creative process. She is also a co-author of the book Healing The Heart of The World from Elite Books.

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META Center New York, (212) 736 0999 Ext.1. info@metacenterny.com